With a passion for ethnic skin tones and extensive experience with Western & South Asian Bridal, I strive to create the perfect modern yet timeless beauty looks by using the latest techniques in hairstyling & makeup application. I understand that the need to look beautiful up close & personal is just as important as how you look in your wedding photographs. I believe that bridal makeup is about enhancing your natural beauty, bringing out your best features and giving your skin that effortless glow. Over the years I have perfected my own signature technique for bridal makeup & hair to ensure its longevity from the aisle to the dance floor. Arianna is available for travel on-location to your home, hotel or resort.

As a bride you may already be feeling quite overwhelmed, I have put together a number of the most frequently asked questions that I have received over the years regarding bridal makeup & hair.

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Q: “I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup and I am worried I won’t look like myself”

A: I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this from inquiring brides. My makeup style best reflects corrective makeup & natural glamour. Monochromatic looks is what I’m known best for.

Q: “What days of the week can I schedule a trial?”

A: I reserve trials for Monday-Thursday. Friday-Sunday I am booked working weddings/ large bridal parties & events.

Q: “I am planning a destination wedding in Seattle and won’t be in town to do a trial immediately; what do you suggest?”

A: I welcome out of town brides & have a long standing history of accommodating them & their travel schedules. If you are not able to come in during the week for a trial or consultation I may be able to schedule a Friday morning or Sunday evening. In the meantime I will tentatively hold your date. If another bride is interested in your same date & time frame I will notify you at which point you will have 48 hours to sign a booking form & give a deposit or open the date to the next inquiring client.

Q: “How far in advance should I book my services with you?”

A: I am currently booking out 1 yr to 1.5 yrs in advance.

Q: “I would like to book your services for my wedding day but I am on a tight budget and can’t afford a trial”

A: You are not alone! I have brides that are in your similar situation. Although we strongly suggest a trial so you can get familiar with me & vice versa, I understand budgetary constraints. I offer 25 minute Bridal Consultations at no cost to go over your concerns & create your perfect look through pictures.

Q: “I have been hearing a lot about airbrush makeup; do you offer it?”

A: Although airbrush makeup can give women the false hope that their skin will appear airbrushed; this is not always the case. I stick to hand application & love the results I receive from it, but airbrush makeup photographs stunningly, too – and is so lightweight!

Q: “I have a big bridal party. Can you accommodate everyone?”

A: Yes! I work with assistants that have similar artistry and the largest bridal party we have accommodated to date included 16 girls!

Q: “How much time should I leave for bridal hair + makeup on my wedding day?”

A: For western brides I suggest 2 to 2.5 hours; for South Asian brides I suggest 3 hours

Q: I want to wear my hair up for my wedding, but down for my reception. What do you suggest?

A: I have many brides who choose to wear their hair down for the reception.  Depending on my availability I can return to your reception location and do a complete changeover or I can create a style that will be simple to let down on your own.

Q: “Who is considered my ‘bridal party’?”

A: Your bridal party is considered anyone other than yourself (the bride). This includes, MOH, MOB, MOG, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls + Guests

Q: “What kind of makeup products do you use?”

A: I use a variety of makeup brands. Everything from Cinema Secrets to Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel, Tarte, ABH & so much more. Over the years I have tried & experimented with almost everything out there and stock my kit accordingly. I have foundation, shadow & lipstick shades for the deepest skin tones to the very fair tones.

Q: “Where do I go for my trial / consultation?”

A: I provide all services on site, I come to you equipped with lighting and a chair if that’s needed.