You’re getting married?? Congratulations!

First off, I want to thank you for taking the first step in learning more about me and my celebrated craft. I want you to feel comfortable and assured that you’re going to be in great hands. I understand that every bride needs a caring, talented and punctual artist to rely on when it comes to the biggest event of their lives.

In 2012, I found my passion in South Asian bridal makeup and took the plunge, starting my full-time career in Seattle and all over the U.S. To say I am passionate about my craft is an understatement.

For over 7 years, I have beautified countless South Asian women into glamorous brides traveling abroad from all over the world. I’ve spent years improving my craft by studying trends in traditional South Asian bridal fashion and beauty as well as our modern day Western inspiration. Let’s bring your hair and makeup ideas to life!

More about me:

– I am a mother

– I am self taught (both hair and makeup)

– I was born in Seattle, Wa

– I am a tea drinker

– Newly Vegan

– I was a sous chef prior to starting my career in beauty