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I get asked a lot about what eyeshadows I like to use on my clients. I get excited about amazing shadows, so when I saw Kat Von D came out with her Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, of course I had to get it in my hands and into my kit. For artists or enthusiasts alike, its amazing. If there’s a palette you need in your collection, this is the one!

Kat Von D’s products are Cruelty-Free, PETA-Certified and made in the USA.

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The palette contains 12 fully and super pigmented eyeshadows. Used for contouring the eyes to add more definition. The black is a pitch black and works great even as a shadow liner! The lighter shades show up on even the palest of skin tones and the formula is really smooth and easy to blend.

It’s definitely worth the money.

At $48 it might seem pricey, but you have to consider the amount of product that comes with it. When you divide the eyeshadows, it only comes to about $4 per eyeshadow.

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The nice thing about this palette is that its very user friendly and the shades are organized by neutral, cool and warm. If its troublesome for you to combine shades, this palette makes it effortless.

I use this palette on all my clients. I reach for it every single time if I’m doing natural or dramatic looks – I love it.

Kat Von D did amazing with this product, and I highly recommend it to beginners and pros. It’s definitely a staple in my kit.

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